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DISCOVER Macrobiotics and TAKE CHARGE of your Health With our One Day Seminar!

Available on-site or online!

Have you ever wondered why some people simply glow from within? How they handle the ups and downs of life with ease and grace? Where they get their steady supply of energy and vitality?

This primer session is the perfect place to discover how these qualities can be yours, or to re-educate yourself on this transforming lifestyle! As your jumpstart to macrobiotics, we reveal the secrets of a vibrant mental, physical and emotional life, simply, easily and effectively.


  • Life-changing Lifestyle Practices
  • Cooking Demonstration
  • Comparison of Traditional and Modern Diets
  • Do-In Self-Massage & Posture
  • Tips for Making the Macrobiotic Transition AND MORE!

Program Cost (Registration includes all course materials):

$95 Full Day On-Site (Includes cooking demonstration & generous tastings)
$50 Cooking Demo Only (Includes generous tastings)

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$50 online

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Discovery Sept 2014


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