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Strengthening Health Intensive

Come jump start or re-energize your macrobiotic practice with a macrobiotic study intensive, expand your network of macrobiotic friends and study with our top-notch teachers. Deepen your understanding and appreciation for macrobiotics in a relaxing, rejuvenating setting, and enjoy three delicious macrobiotic meals per day prepared by our expert team of cooks.

Students from varying levels of experience in macrobiotics come together for a unique learning experience. All bring a strong desire to learn more and to share with others the experience of macrobiotic life in a non-macrobiotic world.

Costs & Information:

The Strengthening Health Intensive is a pre-requisite for the CCP. Prices include program tuition, three delicious macrobiotic meals per day and course materials. Accommodations are not included.

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$695 (early registration cost) if paid in full 14 days prior to the Intensive
$775 if paid in full
$595 for students
$495 to repeat within 5 years
With full registration into the Intensive, each additional enrollment will only be half price

Call about payment plans.
Methods of payment:
Money order or check made payable to SHI

“I walked away from the SHI Intensive with new found knowledge and reminders of things I had learned long ago. Susan’s cooking classes were helpful and I began to dream that I might one day be able to cook half as well as she does. The Intensive was a good base to get me back on track. I came away with an understanding I would not have had otherwise and it inspired me to want to learn more. I signed up for the CCP.
-Sally Craig, Wooster, OH

There are events in ones life that are “life alerting”. When I signed up for the SHI I was not expecting it to be a workshop that shifted my thinking and macrobiotic experience. I have studied macrobiotics and practiced off and on for 30 years. Denny and Susan’s gentle, graceful and simple approach to living makes such good common sense. I can’t thank them enough for the wonderful experience.
—Victoria Berkwits-Living Healthy Project, Boston, MA


program DATES FOR 2014

Register Today! 215.238.9212


Strengthening Health Intensive


July 9-13
November 5-9


The seminar was excellent, DEFINITELY life-changing, and I am implementing the teachings gradually. I feel very grateful I had the opportunity to meet you all, you were all wonderful and you all touched my life.

I think that two of the most importants things I got out of the seminar were "HEALTH IS A DIRECTION, NOT A FIXED STATE" and "FOOD IS THE CONNECTION TO LIFE ITSELF". I wish you all a good journey to a life brimming with excellent health! I hope we stay connected.
Silvia Garcia-Sparks- Strengthening Health Intensive Graduate, August 2011

"The Strengthening Health Intensive was absolutely life- changing. I am now on a new life path. The class was the best thing I could have done for myself."

-Madeline Karpel, Grenada Hills California

“The Intensive has inspired me to make bigger changes too, to actually change careers from a classically trained chef/pastry chef to that of a macrobiotic counselor. I enrolled within days of completion into the SHI year long course! Now having eaten macrobiotically for 4-5 weeks I physically feel energetic and mentally feel patient… The SHI is a super jumping off point for a newbie or a jump back on point for any old pro.”
-Sandy Thomas


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Come jump start or re-energize your macrobiotic practice with a macrobiotic study intensive

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