Master Your Health Certificate Program


6 days of hands-on cooking, shiatsu, diagnosis, exercises, meditation and MUCH MORE!

Learn in an intimate atmosphere with a great group of like-minded students and our expert staff and faculty.

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Master Your Health – On-site AND Online

Deepen your practice, enhance your career or start your path to feeling great, looking vibrant and experiencing greater mental clarity! We show you how in our comprehensive year-long Master Your Health (MYH) program.

Taught by world-renowned teachers & counselors Denny & Susan Waxman along with the esteemed faculty of SHI, you get the benefits of over 6 decades of experience in all areas of macrobiotic practice and teaching packed into one comprehensive program!

New program structure in 2015:

The 11 MYH modules have been moved ONLINE with additional ON-SITE training in June and November!

Watch lectures, cooking and massage demonstrations AND MORE in the comfort of your own home! Follow along, take notes and join us for monthly conference calls to discuss what you’ve learned. Take it a step further by participating in our two on-site sessions in June and November.

The Master Your Health program features 11 topic-themed modules to deepen your understanding of:

  • Macrobiotic Philosophy and Theory
  • Healthy & Delicious Cooking
  • Oriental Diagnosis
  • Health Care
  • Shiatsu Massage & Mindful Lifestyle Practices

Can’t take the whole program? Choose from any of the 11 modules that interest you, available any time ONLINE!

Costs & Additional Information:

  • Master Your Health Full Certification: $4,990
  • Master Your Health Online Only: $3,195
  • Master Your Health Two On-Site Sessions: $1,795
    • On-Site Sessions Purchased Individually: $995 each

Call 215.238.9212 or e-mail for more information.

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Master Your Health ON-SITE Sessions

These 12 days feature the arts of diagnosis, shiatsu, do-in, macrobiotic remedies and cooking techniques, plus delicious meals!  Join us in Philadelphia to meet and practice with other members of our great macrobiotic community, to further your understanding and become certified to guide the health of others with non-life-threatening illnesses.

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Our 11 Packed, Eye-Opening Modules Include:

  1. New View of Health
  2. The Body Map & Five Transformations
  3. Digestion: The Foundation of Health
  4. Blood & Vitality
  5. Blood & Immunity
  6. Principles of Diagnosis
  7. The Power of Foods, First Aid & Healing Injuries
  8. Heart, Circulatory System & Emotional Health
  9. Family & Reproductive Health
  10. The Mind
  11. Review & Final Exam

Shiatsu Practice

The Master Your Health program was an incredible, life-changing experience. Seeing the food prepared multiple times by Susan has improved my home cooking by leaps and bounds. Denny’s lectures were all intriguing, and the group discussions were stimulating. It was wonderful to spend a year learning, growing, and solidifying my direction toward lasting health.

Jesse Stacken, 2014 Graduate